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Fund Name   Description
Featured Funds offer a special opportunity to donate to a fund or the WCCF to support an event, initiative or project.
Margaret Farrow Scholarship Fund Donate The Margaret Farrow Scholarship Fund has been created to honor the life and legacy of former Lieutenant Governor Margaret Farrow. The Margaret Farrow Scholarship Fund was created by WisconsinEye and will be awarded annually to a graduating senior with high integrity interested in journalism, communication studies, civics or political science who lives in Waukesha County. While these majors are given first consideration, other fields of study will be considered if the committee feels they are a viable candidate for public service either in their personal life or their career.
Organization Endowment Funds are established by the named charitable organization as a way for them to plan for a more stable financial future. Contributions of any amount are welcome to help these organizations secure long-term stability.
ACAP Fund Donate
AFP Southeastern Wisconsin Fund Donate
Blessings in a Backpack Waukesha County Fund Donate
Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation Charitable and Scholarship Fund Donate
Christmas Clearing Council of Waukesha County Fund Donate
Easter Seals Future Centennial Fund Donate
EEF Brucker Family Fund Donate
EEF Building Block Elmbrook Connect Fund Donate
EEF Building Block Fund - BEHS Choir Donate Money to be used for the Brookfield East Choir for Choir expenses
EEF Building Block-Launch Fund Donate
EEF General Fund Donate
EEF Legacy Endowed Chair Fund Donate
EEF Legacy Fund Donate
Elmbrook Humane Society Fund Donate
Eras Senior Network (Interfaith Waukesha County) Donate
Food Pantry of Waukesha County Fund Donate
Friends of Beaver Lake Fund Donate
Greater Milwaukee El Sistema Endowed Fund Donate
Habitat for Humanity Fund of Waukesha County Donate
HAWS: Future Projects Fund Donate
Hope Center Fund Donate
HOPE Network Fund Donate
Journey21 Fund Donate
KMEF Tennis Fund Donate
La Casa de Esperanza Fund Donate
Lad Lake Fund Donate
LindenGrove Benevolent Care Fund Donate
LindenGrove Life Enrichment Fund Donate
LindenGrove/Linden Court-Waukesha Garden of Fond Memories Fund Donate
LindenGrove-New Berlin Life Enrichment/Franz Fund Donate
Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center Legacy Fund Donate
Montessori School of Waukesha Fund Donate
Mukwonago Community Library Capital Endowment Fund Donate
Mukwonago Community Library Endowment Fund Donate
NAMI Waukesha Inc. Fund Donate
New Berlin Education Foundation Fund Donate
New Berlin Public Library Fund Donate
Park Foundation of Waukesha Fund Donate The Park Foundation of Waukesha, Inc. was established for the purpose of helping to preserve and enrich the quality of life in Waukesha through the enhancement of city parks, trails, recreation programs and urban forest.
Peak Nordic Ski Club Fund Donate
Phantom Lake YMCA Camp Fund Donate
Sharp Literacy Fund Donate
Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Waukesha County Fund Donate
Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society Fund Donate
Tempo Waukesha Fund Donate
The Women's Center of Waukesha Fund Donate
United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County Forever Funds Donate
United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County Jayne Thoma Fund Donate
United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County Mary Baer and John Kramp Fund Donate
Waukesha Civic Theatre Fund Donate
Waukesha Civic Theatre John. J. Bryant III Curtain Call Club Fund Donate
Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic Fund Donate
Waukesha County Historical Society and Museum General Fund Donate
Waukesha County Historical Society and Museum Youman's Endowment Donate
Waukesha Historical Society and Museum Griswold Endowment Donate
Waukesha Public Library Fund Donate
Waukesha Reads Fund of the Waukesha Public Library Donate
Waukesha Sunrise Rotary Club Charitable Fund Donate
WCCF Administrative Fund Donate
WEF Bob Duckett Memorial Fund Donate
WEF Fine Arts Endowment Fund Donate
WEF General Endowment Fund Donate
WEF Kenneth Hollub Fund Donate
WEF Kristine K. Diener Technology Fund Donate
WEF Leadership Fund Donate
WEF Merlin & Grace Birk Fund Donate
WEF Sally Jo Michalko Fund Donate
WEF Schmidt Family Fund Donate
WEF South High School Alumni Family & Friends Fund Donate
WEF Unrestricted Fund Donate
WEF Van Beek Library Fund Donate
WEF Wiesner Fund Donate
Wheaton Franciscan-Elmbrook Memorial Fund Donate
Wildlife In Need Center Fund Donate
Wisconsin Hero Outdoors Hero Building Fund Donate
Women and Girls Fund of Waukesha County Endowment Donate
Women and Girls General Fund Donate
Youth Community Grants Fund Donate
Field of Interest Funds support charitable organizations in a specific field of services, geographic area or other designation.
Animal Welfare, Education, and Women's Issues Fund Donate
Carl J. Patrinos and Audrey Z. Patrinos Charitable Endowment Fund Donate
Hilary G. Bryant Fund Donate
Housing Opportunity Fund Donate A HOME changes everything. The Housing Opportunity Fund aims to improve access to adequate, suitable and affordable housing.
Jill Fischer Suicide Prevention Fund Donate
John and Barbara Nevins Fund Donate
Judithann A. La Marre Hereditary Cancer Fund Donate To fund the study and cure for hereditary cancer.
LGBT Fund Donate
Suicide Prevention Fund Donate
Sylvia Nelson Moldenhauer Fund for Mental Health Donate
WCCF Community Grants Fund Donate Community Grants support local not for profits providing Health and Human services, Historical Preservation, Education & Youth Development, Environment and Conservation, Arts and Culture, Housing, and Community Development in Waukesha County.
Women and Girls Beyond Foster Care Fund Donate
Women and Girls Fund of Waukesha County Donate
Donor Designated Funds require a charitable investment of $10,000 and support specific charitable organizations selected by the donors at the time each fund is established. Contributions from others to any of these funds are welcome.
Armand F. and Mildred J. Delzer Graphic Arts Scholarship Fund Donate
Betty Lou and Don Tikalsky Fund for the Waukesha County Historical Society and Museum Donate
Bob and Joyce Winchell Fund for United Way Donate
Bryce and Anne Styza Waukesha Civic Theatre Fund Donate
Bryce and Anne Styza WCCF Administrative Endowment Fund Donate
Bryce and Anne Styza Wilson Center Fund Donate
CANIF Fund Donate
Carroll and Jim Bolger Family Fund Donate
Chet and Helen Goff Fund Donate
City of Waukesha Public Art Maintenance Fund Donate
Dan and Chris Blask Family Fund for Hope Center Donate
Dave and Lisa Schultz Fund Donate
Davis Preserve In Lieu Fee Program Endowment Fund Donate
Early Hill Administrative Fund Donate
E. John and Nancy Raasch Family Fund Donate
Elaine H. Spelius Fund Donate
Elva Koutnik Memorial Fund for WomenConnected Donate
Fox River Development Fund Donate
Fred and JoAnn Portz Fund Donate
Friends of Waukesha Public Library Fund Donate
James L. Frisch Fund Donate
John P. Macy Administrative Fund Donate
Judy Jester ERAs Senior Transportation Fund Donate
KMEF Board Restricted Endowment Fund Donate
KMEF Executive Director Fund Donate
KMEF Impact Fund Donate
Kohls-Mitchell Fund for AngelsGrace Hospice Donate
Kristi Davis Hope Fund Donate
Lipman Family Fund for the Waukesha Food Pantry Donate
Lt. Col. Donald A. Adam Fund Donate
Marc and Janis Delzer Family Fund Donate
Milton Weber Conductor's Chair Fund A Donate
Milton Weber Conductor's Chair Fund B Donate
Ralph and Joan Staven Waukesha Service Club Fund Donate
Richard and Cathy Labinski Waukesha Civic Theatre Fund Donate
Robert F. Smart Eagle Scout Fund Donate
Robert Koutnik Memorial Fund for Marquette University Donate
Sharon M. Wichgers-Perrow & Michael W. Perrow Fund for Wounded Warrior Project Donate
Sue and Wally Dinsmoor Fund for The Food Pantry Serving Waukesha County Donate
Sue and Wally Dinsmoor Fund for The Friends of Retzer Nature Center Donate
Sue and Wally Dinsmoor Fund for The Women's Center Donate
Susan and David Bothof Fund for United Way Donate
The Fund for Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County Donate
The Fund for Salem United Methodist Church Donate
Waukesha State Bank First Presbyterian Church Fund Donate
Waukesha State Bank Presbyterian Homes/Avalon Square Fund Donate
Waukesha State Bank Salvation Army Fund Donate
WEF Hadfield School Scholastic Fund Donate
WEF Waukesha Business Fund Donate
WEF Waukesha South Orchestra Fund Donate
Winchell Family Phantom Lake YMCA Camp Fund Donate
Wisconsin Philharmonic Executive Director Fund Donate
Women and Girls Kay Ruekert Lettenberger Endowed Fund for Alzheimer's Donate
Donor Advised Funds require a charitable investment of $25,000 and support charitable organizations recommended each year by the donors.
A. William and Joanne B. Huelsman Fund Donate
Bert and Bob Duckett and Family Fund Donate
Bob and Becky Illing Fund Donate
Brewer Family Fund Donate
Brian Yagoda Memorial Fund Donate Brian Yagoda was an avid bicyclist, loving father, husband and pediatrician. Brian passed away after being struck by a car while riding his bike. Brian's wife, Shirley, created this fund to make local roads safer for bikers.
Brookfield Junior Woman's Club Community Fund Donate
Bruce Horner Memorial Fund Donate
Bryce and Anne Styza Fund Donate
Catherine and David Vetta Family Fund Donate
Charles A. and Patricia J. Cahill Fund Donate
Chris Dawson Education Fund Donate
Craig Husar Family Fund Donate
Dalton Charitable Fund Donate
Dalum Family Fund Donate
Dan and Jill Gehring Family Fund Donate
D'Angelo Family Fund Donate
Daniel and Jenifer Finley Fund Donate
David A. and Nancy E. Putz Charitable Fund Donate
David and Anousone Lettenberger Fund Donate
Dennis and Kathleen Sampson Fund Donate
Dick Cobb Family Memorial Fund Donate
Dixon W. and Herta E. Benz Family Foundation Fund Donate
Donald J. and Betty Lou Tikalsky Community Fund Donate
Donald W. Fundingsland Fund Donate
Don and Judi Stephens Family Fund Donate
Dr. Ben Larsen Memorial Fund Donate James and Julie Larsen established this fund in honor of their son Ben who died unexpectedly on 10/10/2020 at the age of 36. As both a physician and medical acupuncturist, Ben was dedicated to helping others. He loved being outside in nature, especially in the water. This fund supports causes that he valued and internships for individuals who share his love of nature.
Dr. Gerald and Susan Bellehumeur Fund Donate
Dr. Joe and Marian Bartos Memorial Fund Donate
Dr. Thomas Belson Family Fund Donate
Early Hill Fund Donate
Ed Olson and Linda Caldart-Olson Family Fund Donate
Ehrsam Stewardship Fund Donate
Eric and Lynn Delzer Charitable Fund Donate
Eugene and Marilyn Baus Fund Donate
Fomotor Fellowship Foundation Donate
Ford and Bobbe Titus Fund Donate
Fran and Carol Wagner Fund Donate
George W. and Emily M. Lorenz Fund Donate
Geraldine Colletti Fund Donate
H & D Fund Donate
Helen and Arthur Rizzi Fund Donate
Holly Christina Stahl Love Life! Fund Donate
James and Shirley Klauser Fund Donate
James and Suzanna Lacy Fund Donate
Jarich Family Education Fund Donate
Jay and Colleen Walt Family Fund Donate
Jay Balchunas Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
Jeffrey D. and Sara R. Ford Wiesner Family Fund Donate
Joseph and Linda Buday Family Fund Donate
Kai Lermer Memorial Fund Donate May support: awareness, prevention and detection of youth heart disease; continuing education of student athletes; and improvements to the Waukesha North Athletic program or Waukesha Parks and Recreation System.
KDV Cares Donate
Keith and Betty Rupple Family Fund Donate
Kerwin Family Fund Donate
Kloida Giving Fund Donate
Kultgen Family Fund Donate
Kurt Johnson and Coreen Dicus-Johnson Fund Donate
Laura M. Gralton Charitable Fund Donate
LaVern H. and Kathryn J. Herman Fund Donate
Leon and Betsy Janssen Fund Donate
Luty Fund Donate
Mac and Lynn Davis Fund Donate
Mihi Cura Futuri Fund Donate
Mitzvah Fund Donate
Moncrieff Family Charitable Fund Donate
Mowry Smith and Mary Leach Smith Family Fund Donate
Network Health Hometown Advantage Fund Donate
Okauchee Lions Park Fund Donate
Pauline Dalton Charitable Fund Donate
Peter and Barbara Lettenberger Fund Donate
Peter and Grace Friend Fund Donate
ProHealth Care Medical Staff Fund Donate
Ramirez Family Fund Donate
Renee Bryant Valvassori Fund Donate
Richard and Judith Oates Fund Donate
Rick and Karin Gale Family Fund Donate
Riley Family Fund Donate
Ronald and Kathryn Bertieri Fund Donate
Sabrina Mia Bryant Fund Donate
Scott and Nancy McCaskey Donate
Seeds of Hope Fund Donate
Shelli Marquardt & Cathy Priem Fund Donate
SOFA Inc. Archie Badura Memorial Fund Donate
Steve and Cathy Johnson Fund Donate
Stone of Accord Fund Donate
Stowell Family Foundation Fund Donate
TaLi12092 Fund Donate
Tanis Family Fund Donate
Thomas and Betty Arndt Fund Donate
Thomas X. Herro Memorial Fund Donate
Thompson Family Foundation Fund Donate
Tom Bernacchi Memorial Fund Donate to foster businesses and entrepreneurs believed to have a high potential to benefit the people and business communities in Metro Milwaukee area
Toni and Dean Copoulos Fund to Fight Alzheimers Donate
Ty and Heather Taylor Fund Donate
Victor and Jayna Schultz Fund Donate
Waukesha State Bank Community Support Fund Donate
Wildcat Fund Donate
William B. and Cathy D. Davies Family Fund Donate
William M. and Michele A. Holcomb Family Fund Donate
Winnie Fund Donate
Wisconsin Hero Outdoors Fund Donate
Scholarship funds provide financial support for student's educational pursuits often in honor or memory of a loved one, in recognition of a specific school or field of study
AHS Arrowhead Performing Arts Scholarship Donate
AHS Class 1999 STEM Scholarship Donate
AHS Current Scholarship Fund Donate
AHS General Scholarship Fund Donate
AHS Hughes Scholarship Fund Donate
AHS Jeannette E. Gilbertson Scholarship Donate
AHS JT Hilligoss Scholarship Fund Donate
AHS Lodes Scholarship Fund Donate
AHS Marian H. Brandt Memorial Scholarship Donate
AHS Marion G. Johnson Scholarship Fund Donate
AHS Steinbach Scholarship Fund Donate
Cole Philhower Scholarship Fund Donate
Education Foundation of New Berlin Peter Michaud Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Bil Zahn Honorary Burleigh Student Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Brookfield Women's Club Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Charles Turner Honorary Fund Donate
EEF Current Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Helen Andrews Memorial Scholarship Donate
EEF Hillside Student Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Holly Christina Stahl Love Life Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Jeff Borkowski Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Jim Briscoe Honorary Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF John Boie Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Joseph T. Maier Scholarship Donate
EEF Kevin Dunn Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Nicolas Charles Dugal LeClaire Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Robyn Martino Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
EEF Vickie Jakubowski Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
Glenn R. Davis Scholarship Fund Donate
Julia Nestingen-Palm Art Fest Scholarship Fund Donate
Ken Gardner Five Diamonds Scholarship Fund Donate
KMEF Brian Kilsdonk Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
KMEF Community Scholarship Fund Donate
KMEF Jan Hanold Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
KMEF Jeffrey M. Bowersock Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
KMEF Mildred Falk Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
KMEF Richard D. Warner Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
KMEF Scholarship Fund Donate
Knights of Waukesha Scholarship Donate The Knights of Waukesha was founded in 2010 by five former Waukesha High School students. These life-long friends recognized how privileged they were and how important Waukesha was to their growth. In an effort to give back to the city that helped mold their youth, the Knights of Waukesha Scholarship was created. Every year, the five friends choose the most worthy candidate for the one-time $500 scholarship. The Scholarship has evolved over the years. Instead of merely being a scholarship given to the most academically accomplished student, the Knights of Waukesha weigh many different factors, in search of a diamond in the rough. The recipient of the Knights of Waukesha should demonstrate traits of humility, passion, perseverance, strength, and kindness. To apply for the Knights of Waukesha Scholarship, please visit:
Kyle Paul Memorial Golf Scholarship Fund Donate
MFSF Current Fund Donate
MFSF Don A. Schneiders Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
MFSF Gail A. Daugherty Donate $100,000 spent down in 4 years, $25,000 per year. In honor of daughter.
MFSF General Fund Donate
MFSF Greco Family Fund Donate
MFSF Michael Carini Fund Donate
MFSF Randar Family Donate
MFSF Tietz Family Foundation Donate
MFSF Yohnk Family Scholarship Donate
Ruth Seris Gresley Scholarship Fund Donate
Scholastic Fund for Students of Hispanic Descent Donate
Stowell Family Scholarship Fund Donate
Ted Kanavas Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
Waukesha Sunrise Rotary Club Scholarship Award Donate
WEF Bonnie Schlais Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Chrys Racinowski Memorial Scholarship Donate
WEF Clyde Shields Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Col. H. Mueller Scholarship Donate
WEF Current Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Diane Voit Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Dr. David Hoeppner Scholarship Donate
WEF D.R. Fuller Scholarship Award Donate
WEF Dr. Jim Marty Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Elizabeth and Peter Dianich Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Emery E. Reuss Scholarship Award Donate
WEF Frederick C. Christensen Memorial Fund Donate
WEF General Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF James and Dorothy Frisch Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Jay Whitney Memorial Scholarship Donate
WEF J.E. Worthington Technology Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Jim Tyler's Player's Choice Award Fund Donate
WEF Ken Hollub Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Laurie Jean Weitzer Foundation for our Future Healthcare Scholarship Donate
WEF Mabel Amundson Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Noah Mroz Memorial Scholarship Donate Noah Mroz was a 2020 Waukesha South graduate who had completed his first year in the UW-Madison School of Engineering. He unexpectedly died in July of 2021, and his parents have created this scholarship in his honor.
WEF Norm Seeling Scholar Athlete Award Fund Donate
WEF Pat Tyler's Volleyball Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Peter and Dora Simon and Family Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Quentin and Dorothy Smirl and Family Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Roland Schrupp Art Scholarship Fund Donate
WEF Tech Auntie Award Fund Donate
WEF Waukesha Women's Club Scholarship Fund Donate
WLN Scholarship Fund Donate
Women and Girls New Hope Scholarship Fund Donate
Campaign Funds are non-endowed funds that serve temporary purposes. Contributions are welcome and encouraged.
City of Waukesha Landmarks Commission Fund Donate
City of Waukesha Public Art Project Fund Donate
Delafield Skatepark Fund Donate Your donation will help preserve the Delafield Skatepark! We need your assistance to raise $20,000 to support repairs and ensure the park will be here for future generations. In the event the goal is not met, funds raised will be used to support other current or future skateparks in Waukesha County.
Jackson Sparks Baseball Park Project Fund Donate The purpose of the Jackson Sparks Baseball Park Project Fund is to renovate and rename a baseball field in the city of Waukesha to honor Jackson Sparks, a youth baseball player killed in the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack.
Journey21 Capital Campaign Project Fund Donate Help grow the resources necessary to construct, maintain and sustain the ongoing operation and mission of Journey21
Lake Country Pickleball Club Development Fund Donate
Oconomowoc Supports the Blue Fund Donate Help support the purchase of body cameras for the Oconomowoc Police Department.
Salud Wellness Retreat Fund Donate
St. Joseph's Medical Clinic, Inc. Donate
United for Waukesha Community Fund Donate Waukesha County Community Foundation, and United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County have joined together to create the “United for Waukesha Community Fund.” This fund will support the needs of the families impacted from Sunday’s tragic incident at the annual Waukesha Christmas Parade.
Village of Lannon Quarry Fund Donate
Waukesha Academy of Health Professions Donate
Waukesha Christmas Parade Permanent Memorial Fund Donate The Waukesha Christmas Parade Permanent Memorial Fund was established by the City of Waukesha Parade Memorial Commission to raise funds to build a permanent memorial to the victims of the November 21, 2021 Waukesha Christmas Parade attack.
Waukesha Civic Theatre Academy Expansion Fund Donate The 2021 Capital Campaign will raise $4.5 million dollars for the Academy Expansion Project, an exciting journey of reimagining and renovating the entire new building and existing lobby and façade that will bring an improved experience and increased capacity to the Theatre. With a focus on ensuring the future stability of WCT we are looking to build the endowment.
Waukesha Engineering Preparatory Academy Fund Donate
Waukesha Public Library Project Fund Donate
WisHOPE Recovery Housing Fund Donate
Unrestricted funds provide funds for responding to competitive grant requests serving Waukesha County's greatest needs as determined by a volunteer Grants Review Committee and the Board of Directors.
Audrey and James Stewart Fund Donate
Metanoia Fund Donate
Rhody and Carolyn Megal Unrestricted Fund Donate
Robert and Bonnie Nagy Fund Donate
Stone Manor Fund Donate
WCCF Operating Fund Donate
Children's Charitable Funds are created for those under 18 years old with a minimum gift of $500 and a pledge to make regular contributions to bring the fund's corpus to a minimum of $5,000.
Leah Mia Fund Donate
Leverenz Boys' Fund Donate
Artesian Funds require a gift of $1,000 to begin and future contributions to eventually establish Donor Advised, Donor Designated, Field of Interest or Unrestricted Funds.
AngelsGrace Hospice Fund Donate
Anne and Ray Foster Fund Donate
Charles and Toni Palmer Fund Donate
Christine M. Howard Fund Donate
Frederick and Barbara Syrjanen Family Fund Donate
Steven Berndt and Barbara Tewes-Berndt Family Fund Donate
Walden Family Donate
Caring Catalog Fund Donate
Other Funds